Jeff Goode



As a founding leader and long-time consultant with North Point Ministries, Jeff Goode understands and is passionate about the incredible power a unified vision, mission and strategy can have on an organization. His work in DNA alignment with church leaders has taken him to over 25 countries.

After founding and establishing the music department at North Point Community Church, Jeff moved to the international division as the Director of Strategic Partner Development where he identified, trained and coached leaders and their teams around the North Point vision. Recognizing that a “cut-and-paste” mentality would not generate effective local churches, Jeff facilitated each leadership team in developing, owning and effectively communicating their unique, local-born ministry approach.

Jeff has served churches in various roles for over 30 years, consulting churches since 2004, and has been a catalyst for the clarity and unity that drives a church’s mission. He empowers leaders and teams through collaborative problem solving, cultural adaptation, and personal ownership.

Moving from West Palm Beach in 1993, Jeff lives in Atlanta with his wife Gabriela, daughter Juliet and son James. 

​​​​​​​There is a power in knowing what you are doing,

that you have a plan to accomplish the most important things

confident that you have prioritized the right things in the right order.

Imagine what could happen when everybody in your organization is on the same page, going the same direction.

In working with churches, we have found that there is often a struggle around clarity or unity, but usually both. We've also found that when people collaborate to become unified and clear, they enthusiastically own and drive the mission. We come alongside church leaders, and collaboratively frame the necessary next steps with their teams to create churches in which people love to engage.

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