​​​​It makes sense that the demands of ministry distract from working on your church, not just in it. However, can you imagine in just 2 days, that your church’s decision-makers are crystal clear about what's most important, unified around philosophy and direction? Our hope is to help church leaders create healthy churches, where people LOVE to attend and ENGAGE. 

Your organization will take on a whole new level of energy and purpose with clarity and unity.   

How often do you see that kind of unified clarity in any organization?​​

What could that mean for your people, your community, and the Church?  

The best way we can help you is to get to know you WELL. one way we do that is through a strategic plan process.
ongoing support

We don't abandon you. Getting behind you and your team, we help you achieve what matters most to you. 

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Unified Clarity Llc Church Leadership Consulting

prioritized goals

Together we identify the greatest opportunities in order of urgency and importance and then develop aligned "wins".

​When we walk away from our first installment, churches have created their own, bought-in strategic plan guiding their team through the coming year. Everybody knows who owns what, when each item needs to be accomplished and where they will prioritize resources.  

Our partnership with Everything DiSC™ and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ gives us incredible tools to help you foster team unity and productivity.

the process is simple: 
help you develop the most effective and strategic plan for your organization – clarity
get the whole team ENTHUSIASTICALLY working TOGETHER for the same results – unity
Gap assessment

We help you assess the greatest barriers blocking your path to growth – spiritually, numerically and financially. 

Plan Construction

We collaboratively develop 

a comprehensive and customized strategic plan that assures

leadership buy-in and 

effective execution.