I loved our time with you. It was a game changer for us. But equally important I think... for any church who finds themselves doing something similar... is the follow up and continued consulting with you. I think that is key to accountability to our strategic planning and execution.

Carrie – Village Church 

Hayesville, North Carolina

"Jeff enabled our team to embrace our own identity...and his encouragement allowed us to begin making decisions that made sense for us"

Chris – LifeBridge Church

Savannah, Georgia

...guiding people (myself) to confirm what they have in mind as a leader! Hard to say it, but you’re great catalyzer and motivator for leaders. You’re pushing leaders to go even further and higher.

Lorenzo​ – Eglise de la Brie

Solers, France

"A focus on the overall, identification and prioritization of foundational issues. Jeff kept us on track to identify strategic process rather than get lost in brainstorming solutions for each issue, yet allowed time to explore and address issues of team alignment and trust." 

Bryan – LifeSpring Christian Fellowship

Waterloo, Canada 

"Very positive! Turning your gaps into wins. I liked that we were all involved in the process to come up with the solutions to turn our gaps into wins."

Pam – Rock Bridge Community Church

Ringgold, Georgia

"I truly enjoyed Jeff's down to earth attitude. I believe this is a huge part of why God uses him so powerfully. It's the humility in him that acknowledges the Spirit's desire to equip His church to be both effective and fully alive!" 

David – LifeSpring Christian Fellowship

Waterloo, Canada

"It helped us talk as a staff. Discuss things openly and get our feelings out. We were able to agree on a bigger picture and vision that we can all work together to accomplish.

Rorie – Cypress Valley Bible Church

Marshall, Texas 

Thank you for investing in us and showing a genuine concern for our church and it's people. Your desire to follow up and measure our progress as we move along is HUGE! This shows us that you are vested in our goals as well. ​

Dave – Village Church

Hayesville, North Carolina

NVC had a basic understanding of the mission, vision, and strategy, but Jeff helped us gain a deeper understanding of our DNA and how to impart it 3 to 4 levels down the organization.

Andy – New Vintage Church

Santa Rosa, California

Jeff Goode is a gifted consultant who has been vetting and coaching our North Point partners worldwide for over 10 years. He brings experience, creativity, and a personalized approach to helping church leaders discover organizational clarity and team alignment.
In the formative years of North Point, Jeff and I worked closely together. He brought a vision for what could be and what should be in church music to North Point. His clarity and ability to unify his team around that vision has created the roadmap for how we continue to approach music today.
If you are at a critical transition point in your church, or just need help developing a plan, I would engage Jeff.  He is easy to work with, will listen to your context, and will strategically guide you toward clarity.


Andy Stanley

Jeff's knowledge, experience, and winning attitude create the perfect environment for a group of leaders to come together and start leading toward the next steps for their ministry. If I could think of one word that describes this process it would be: Healthy

Robbie – Village Church

Hayesville, North Carolina